Thank you for watching our film ‘Build Back and Dream Forward: The Effects of COVID-19 on Communities of Color and Low-Income Communities’.  This film project was funded by the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Build Back – Dream Forward initiative and hosted by members of Rising Hope Mission Church and Ventures in Community, as well as several individuals of goodwill from Fairfax County and Alexandria City.

Below you will find a list of organizations who offer opportunities to get involved through advocacy and volunteering. These organizations have been providing services and advocacy for those experiencing homelessness and poverty. They range from policy reform to housing and food services. We encourage you to call, email, or drop in to get started!  If you represent an organization not listed, feel free to reach out to us and provide your information (must be in Fairfax County/Alexandria City).  For those who are not able to give the gift of time, each of these organizations would benefit from your financial generosity as well. Visit their websites to learn how to give.

Rev. Kameron M. Wilds



Where to Advocate

Where to Volunteer