What is Rising Hope?

WELCOME to Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church.

Rising Hope was established with the mission of bringing the “power of Christ” and the “support of the church” to the community living in poverty south of Alexandria, VA along the Route 1 Corridor of Fairfax County. Founded in 1996, we strive to be a faith community that reflects the reality of the Kingdom Jesus proclaimed by welcoming rich and poor alike and being racially and culturally diverse. Our goal is not merely to preach the Good News to all who will listen, but to include everyone in the Good News invitation to be a part of the “new community” Christ is creating. In the world such differences as race, class, position, disabilities, sex, education, and ethnicity are barriers to inclusion. In Christ these differences are recognized as a rich rainbow of diversity. Rising Hope organizes our ministries around the pain in our community. We invite you to join us as we bring the love of God, faith in Christ, and the hope of the Kingdom to the places in our community clouded with darkness, doubt, and despair. We welcome your participation.

With faith in Christ,

Keary C. Kincannon
Lead Pastor